Digital radiography is the latest in dental x-ray technology. Instead of traditional x-ray film, digital radiographs use electronic sensors to capture digital images and store them electronically. These images can be instantly viewed and enlarged to help us accurately diagnose any dental health conditions.

Benefits of Digital Radiographs

Digital radiography effectively minimizes the radiation a patient is exposed to by 80 to 90 percent compared to traditional dental x-rays. They are an important diagnostic tool for preventative dentistry. This technology provides us with essential information about our patient’s dental health that cannot be obtained through a regular, visual check-up. We are able to find hidden irregularities in your mouth and catch dental issues in their early stages.

Digital radiographs are safer than traditional x-rays, as they minimize your risk of exposure to radiation. The use of digital radiographs demonstrates our commitment to preserving our patients’ health and safety. They are faster and more comfortable than traditional x-rays and deliver instant results. As a result, you no longer have to wait for your x-rays to develop.

Frequency of Digital Radiographs

Your dental health determines how often you will need digital radiographs. In general, bite-wing x-rays, also known as cavity-detecting x-rays, are recommended once a year to detect any hidden dental health conditions in their early stages. Your oral health, medical and dental history, age, and risk of developing cavities or periodontal disease determine whether or not you need this imaging done more often. A panoramic x-ray is typically recommended every 3-5 years.

At Postle Dental Group, we utilize digital radiography because we are committed to doing what is best for our patients. Digital radiographs are the quickest, safest, and most efficient way to analyze your oral health needs. If you are interested in learning more about this technology or think that you are overdue for dental x-rays, contact us today to make an appointment!